Watch the video and use SMM-API plug-in
General questions
This plug-in is installed in wordpress website only.this plug-in has the framework to communicate with third party panel server and trigger orders and pull data for admin window.
A lot of panel servers are availble with different price tag and services.Hence this plug-in is written to communicate with as many servers that provide common API for communication.
You can set any currency in woocommerce and by default it is set to USD
User Guide
First, Items need to be listed under menu "API ITEMS".In order to add new items the server has to be added under menu "API SERVER".After Items are added under API ITEMS there exist an option to add those items to woocomerce product page.Now the item is ready for sale.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Add API Items in woocommerce product page
  • Now products are availble in shop page for customers.
  • Go to the Woocommerce Payment setup and payment details or set coupons for purchasing items
  • The next step is to set desired price of the API items.By default price is set with 20% margin.
Here, at SMM-API, it sets a 20% margin for each sale.
Will the API item remain active if the item is removed from menu API ITEMS in the plug-in admin page?
  • API orders will not work if the item is removed from SMM-API admin page.
  • Each time when item is purchased by customer , Plug-in check for whether item is listed in its databse.If item is not found then it will not trgger automatic order placement with server.
  • Hence every time when item is removed from Plug-in then it has to be removed from woocomerce product page.
The best way to pay is via Paypal. This secure platform ensures timely payments and a secure environment.Use of Coupon are also accepted as payment for API items.
Payment is processed directly to your Account.There is no escrow of payment made by customers.
Customer Support
We support premium plug-in users to customize the features for better experience.please contact us email-to
Each Plug-in When purchased as premium is latest version.But many new features and bugs are removed periodically.Hence updated versions can be purchased at free of cost after a initial paid purchase. we are trying to auomate this process in near future.

Premium Plugin Screen Shots

A few snaps that highlights the plugin set up and admin menu

Plug-in Activation
Premium Tab
Order Table Display
Add API Items by clcking select box
Add Product